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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Die antie sê
my Ingels makeer
Sy wil my gou-gou
nou reg leer.

"In Ingels is daar nie 'n
‘Err’ nie.
Jy rol nie die klankie
so vêr nie!"

"You really should note,
your pronunciation!”
It is really a big problem
with the Afrikaner Nation.”  

“The R is somewhat silent;
In: Crucified
The tremble less terrible
That’s how He died.”

Antie ek maak so:
“Where you there when they ‘kôsiefied’ my Lord?”

“Wat is ‘kôsiefied’ dan?”
Het hulle dan nie
Jesus vermoor nie?

En wat van Sy wroeging?

Het Hy nie Sy lewe verloor nie?

Was jy daar met Jesus se kruisiging, was jy daar?
Toe die spykers… deur die houtkruis kraak.**
Was jy daar?

** Houtkruis

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Life's transaction

Move it sell it
Have a great day!

Our trained professionals
are with you
all the way.

You like it
You buy it
To make more money.

To stack up
to fill up
your worldly honey

And yet
yet at
the end

the end
of it all
when deathbed's pillows
are on call

What then
and why?

Will the honeypot
for you...